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To see optional downloads, select Setup | Optional Downloads from the main menu bar. Click a tab to switch between different options.

Optional Downloads Tabs

Optional Downloads Tabs

The following downloads are available:

Mobile App

To monitor your network while on the go, use our free apps for smartphones and tablets. They run on iOS and Android.

icon-square-cyanFor more information on PRTG for iOS and PRTG for Android, see the Paessler Website: PRTG Apps—Mobile Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

Desktop App

Download PRTG Desktop to your computer. You can run it on Windows and macOS to manage one or several independent PRTG core servers or PRTG hosted by Paessler instances with a native, cross-platform application.

icon-square-cyanFor more information, see section PRTG Desktop.

icon-square-cyanDirectly download PRTG Desktop from our website: PRTG Desktop—Free Download

icon-prtg-on-demandPRTG hosted by Paessler supports connections from PRTG Desktop. For more information, see section Using PRTG hosted by Paessler.

Remote Probe Installer

With remote probes, you can extend your monitoring to distributed networks that are not directly reachable from your PRTG core server system. The version of the remote probe installer must match your version of PRTG, so it is a good idea to download it from here.

icon-square-cyanFor more information, see section Install a Remote Probe.


icon-square-bluePRTG MANUAL


icon-square-bluePAESSLER WEBSITE

PRTG Desktop app

PRTG Mobile app: for smartphones and tablets



There are some settings that you must make in the PRTG Administration Tool. For more details, see the sections: